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Alim Kamara: The HipHop Scholar

by Vickie Remoe

Every once in a blue moon, I stumble upon a Sierra Leonean artist who makes me excited about music again. Today, I’m all about A L I M KAMARA aka the Seeking Scholar, who is a British-Sierra Leonean artist in London. He knows his music, his lyrics, and most importantly, Alim Kamara knows himself. I always say that I wish our artists would get an education before they fully jump into music full time. The content and quality of your music will certainly improve as a result. Big Up to a Salone brother with Big Talent. I see you baby!
Check out this video of ALIM and tell me you don’t LOVE IT!

And if want more, see ALIM’s tribute to 2Pac and the Notorious B I G.

To find out more about ALIM: www.alimkamara.com
Follow him: www.twitter.com/alimkamara

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