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From Pulling Nets to CEO: The Inspirational Journey of a Young Entrepreneur


In the tranquil coastal town of Freetown, amidst the salty breeze and rhythmic waves, a remarkable success story is taking shape. Meet Davie Ahmad Dixon, a young man with a passion for fishing who has managed to turn his love for the sea into a thriving fishing company that has made waves in the industry.

Born and raised in Juba, Freetown Sierra Leone, Dixon explained how as a young kid he along with other kids in the neighborhood would go down to the nearby beach (Levuma) to help fishermen draw their nets to land after which they would be paid with fish. This was how the dream of a young man who wants to own a fishing company began.

Dixon attended the Sierra Leone Grammar School and later went on to acquire a Diploma and then a B.A Honors in Mass Communication at the Fourah Bay College University. After his studies, he saw an opportunity to merge his passion for fishing with his entrepreneurial aspirations. Armed with a small loan of Nle 2,500 (two million five hundred old leones) which he got from his mum, he set out to establish his own fishing company, Dixon’s Fishing Company, at the age of 27.

“There are many things that inspired me to start this fishing business –  Some of my common motivations include a deep love for fishing and the desire to share that passion with others, a personal connection to the ocean or water bodies, a desire to contribute to environmental sustainability and conservation efforts, and simply the opportunity to turn a hobby into a profitable business,” Davie Ahmad Dixon, CEO Dixon’s Fishing Company.

Dixon envisioned a fishing company that prioritized sustainability, eco-conscious practices, and quality. He aimed to deliver the freshest catch to customers while ensuring minimal environmental impact. This unique approach soon gained traction, and Dixon’s Fishing Company quickly became a preferred choice among discerning seafood enthusiasts.

As with any entrepreneurial journey, he faced his fair share of challenges. Lack of integrity and dishonesty amongst some of his fishermen were some of the hurdles he encountered. But that was not all, the company lost fishing nets worth up to Nle 80,000 (80 million leones) at sea in March this year, Dixon stated that this experience almost made him think of quitting but his unwavering commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction allowed him to weather these storms.

Dixon’s Fishing Company caters to every customer in a unique order to fulfill their seafood needs either as a primary or a secondary buyer. Their core product is fish but aside from that they sell other sea delicacies such as shrimps, lobsters, squids, crabs, etc. Their goal is to provide one of the best customer service experiences to their customers through timely delivery and fresh product availability.


Environmental consciousness is at the heart of the company’s success. One of the things that sets them apart from their competitors is their emphasis on sustainability and conversation practices according to Dixon. He further stated that his company prioritizes responsible and ethical fishing techniques by ensuring that their impact on the environment is minimal and also help reduce plastic usage, and promote responsible fishing practices. 

“Our customers are quite diverse, from individuals, restaurants, top hotels, and companies. I believe what makes us unique is the emphasis we put on sustainability and conversation practices, we prioritize responsible and ethical fishing techniques, ensuring that our impact on the environment is minimal, and yet we deliver our products with great efficiency to all our customers,” Davie Ahmad Dixon.

Shortly, Dixon plans on incorporating guided fishing tours in scenic and diverse locations for its customers allowing them to experience the joy of fishing while exploring the beautiful ocean and learning about the fishing ecosystems.

“Our target customers range from fishing enthusiasts looking for new adventures, families looking for outdoor bonding experiences, or even corporate groups seeking team-building activities,” Davie Ahmad Dixon

One of the company’s unique values is its focus on empowering the local community by providing employment opportunities. From starting with Nle 2,500 (two million five hundred old leones) Dixon’s Fishing Company now owns a boat worth over Nle 300,000 (three hundred million old leones). What started as a vision to create a brand that will be synonymous with exceptional fishing experiences, environmental stewardship, and community engagement has turned into a reality.

Dixon’s story resonates as a testament to the power of determination and the positive impact one individual can have on their community and industry. His remarkable journey from a kid who loved fishing to a visionary CEO is a source of inspiration, not just for the fishing industry but for all aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to make a difference.


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