The Indian Community in Sierra Leone donates to the C19 Dignity Project


The Indian Community in Sierra Leone on Friday, June 5, 2020, has donated medical supplies, food items, and sanitation materials to the C19 Dignity Project Sierra Leone. 

The donation was made in support of the project which provides aid to COVID-19 frontline health care workers across different treatment and isolation centers in Sierra Leone. 

Speaking at the donation Rajesh Hemnani, Coordinator for the Indian Community started by complementing the efforts of Vickie Remoe the founder of the project, he said they saw the good work of the project on social media which was very unique. And they decided to help her project, so she can make further donations to the treatment and isolation centers that need help.  

Donated Items.

“She is trying to help treatment centers that don’t have the basic medical supplies and hygiene items needed for the disease and without these items people won’t get medication. We made these donations directly to the C19 Dignity Project because they receive direct requests from the treatment centers which means they know exactly what each facility needs,” said Rajesh Hemnani, coordinator for the Indian community. 

Receiving the donation, Remoe expressed her appreciation to the Indian Community for such donations as its a way to support frontline health workers and victims, also it reduces the costs in purchasing items needed. And that the project which started in May 2020 has so far raised SLL 500 million (USD 50 thousand) and has sent supplies to over 8 treatment and isolation centers across Sierra Leone. 

“When we receive these donations we also try to make supplies to hospitals who have sent in their requests of items they need that will serve them for the coming weeks or months to speed up treatment,” Vickie Remoe, founder C19 Dignity project Sierra Leone

The Items donated includes 250ml Kavita handwash (120 pieces), 250ml Kavita sanitizer (120 pieces), 200 liters hand wash device (2 pieces), 120 liters dustbin (4 pieces), Nutribom food (36 cartons), Garbage bag (100 pieces), Glucometer (12 packs), Glucometer Test Strips (12 packs), Lancets (12 packs), and other medical items.  

C19 Dignity Project Sierra Leone is a citizen-led project that coordinates resources to provide the urgent basic needs of treatment and isolation centers. So far the project has raised cash of over USD 50 thousand (SLL 500 million), which they have used to provide basic medical supplies to over 8 health care facilities in the country (Connaught Hospital, Jui Hospital, 34 Military Hospital, Port Loko Government Hospital, Fourah Bay College Community Treatment Center, Correctional Service Treatment Center Bo & Kenema Government Hospital).

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