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Technology has changed the way we play in Sierra Leone


These days all we hear is the talk of the digital in Sierra Leone, while technology promises great things, there are also some misses. In Freetown, the thing that has changed over the years is games, how children and teens play. Back in the day, play was an outdoor activity, or if it was indoor, it was a time to spend with adults. Today games are not only moving indoors, they’re also less social. 

Indoor Games Then and Now 

The Indoor Games then were ludo, snake and ladder, scrabble, puzzles, playing cards, game boy, etc. These were so much fun and were played with both peers and adults. Whilst playing Ludo, the most popular games were ‘kick en home back en front’, Bondo, Taxi and Kick en Seize’. 

Ludo, snake and ladder and cards helped children to learn how to count whilst scrabble and puzzles helped them to spell. Whilst playing with adults, they were bound to learn. Now, these games are not so common. The only phone games then were that of snake xenzia and bounce. 

The most popular Indoor Games now are play-station, candy crush, subway surf, temple run, etc. All of these have to do with the advancement of technology. They are played in Smartphones, Consoles and on Television. 

The bond between Elders and Children Then and Now 

In the rainy seasons or late in the evenings, after playing indoor games among peers or with adults, the day will end with parables and storytelling. This was everything a person could ask for. Children bonded more with their parents, grandparents and other family members well during these sessions and learned a lot. Some parables and stories were so funny some were very educative. 

After such, you could get a good night’s rest but now parents are so engulfed with social media and barely have time for their children. The children on the other hand just follow the trend. 

Outdoor Games Then and Now

There were a series of outdoor games then than now. Outdoor games then include akra (norti), balance ball, tamatis cup, 24 rounders (base 24), touch, tic tac to, stone gi mi road, boatskidi, adai, play cook, Monday- Tuesday, marbles, skipping ropes, hide and seek (play kech), football and lots more. These were the favorite games of kids back then. 

As a child, you could even do a barter system with your food just to be selected in a team to play these games. These games were so full of life and gave children energy. If you did not play any of these games, did you even enjoy your childhood? You need to relive your entire childhood because you have missed out.

The outdoor games now are that of volleyball, basketball, tennis, etc and they cannot be matched with that of the games then. 

Outdoor Activities Then and Now

Apart from games, there were fun activities children used to play then namely: dancing or playing football in the rain, the flying of kites during Easter, the beating of Judas, stoning of fruits in peoples’ compounds but now these activities are not so common as children barely have time for such. 

In terms of childhood games, “yesterday beteh pas tide”. Which one do you prefer, childhood then or now? 

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