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“Violence and love don’t mix” – Vickie Remoe on BBC’s The She Word (WATCH)


”Love and violence actually have no place together,” said Vickie Remoe on BBC’s #TheSheWord which broadcast on BBC TV last month.

Vickie Remoe appeared on another episode of #TheSheWord, this time on femicide. The She Word –a new pan African BBC discussion TV programme – launched in November 2018. It explores the life experiences of women in today’s Africa.

Vickie Remoe is the first woman from Sierra Leone to appear on the show. On this episode on femicide, Remoe leads the conversation on femicide, which is the killing of women because of their gender. Also on the panel is Kenya’s Scheaffer Okore, Jackie Phamotse from South Africa, and Phonsina Archane, Rep. of Congo. 

Here are some excerpts from Remoe’s appearance on #TheSheWord 

”Toxic masculinity is at its worse, I think how we got here is that women and girls get raised and told that the most important thing we’re ever going to be, the most important thing we’re gonna do is to be somebody’s wife. 

Men or boys grow up to believe that we belong to them. ’If I ask you on a date you have to say yes. I am the most important thing in your life. So you know, being a wife, being my girlfriend  is the most important thing you’re going to do.’

They define manhood and masculinity, by their ability to dominate, overpower girls and women, right. And that’s something that starts from when boys are young. They’ll say boys will be boys like, boys will be loud, they will be violent, they’ll be th

but a girl should be quiet and submissive.

And so as the world has evolved, and we’re living in a more global society where women do have more rights, men need to understand that boys will be boys, but girls will be girls. And there’s strength in that. And they need to prepare themselves for a world where the women are equal to them.

Over and over again, men need to hear it and women need to hear that there is absolutely nothing that any woman can do that justifies a man taking her life.”

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