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Sierra Leone: Freetown City Council launches tree planting initiative


To mark World Environment Day, Freetown City Council has launched its tree planting initiative.

Mayor Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr and her team planted trees at Freetown Amusement Park (Victoria Park), Henry Fergusson Junior Secondary School and East End Municipal Primary School in Freetown.

As environmental management is part of the Transform Freetown initiative and it is one the priorities, the council aim is to increase the rate of vegetation to cover by 50% within the next four 4 years.

The launch process is a start for the planting of over 2000 trees over the coming weeks. And another of over 10, 000 trees by the end of June in areas that are hard to reach with support from CRS.

Mayor, Yvonne Aki Sawyerr in her statement said that the trees are our future investment and we need to take them seriously

“These are not gimmicks. We need the trees to breathe, for resilience against environmental disasters, for beautification and for good health and sanitation. So the trees are really practical” she said.

As the theme for this year’s World Environmental Day is Beat Air Pollution, Freetown City Council strongly believes that the demand for housing in Freetown is constantly causing the pressure on the forests of Freetown and increasingly undermining the quality of air in the city.

In order to ensure sustainability, the Council handed over tools to the park management and school administration in order for them to be able to take care of the trees planted at the end of the planting exercise.

The official launch of the Tree Planting initiative was done under the support of CRS, Trees For Prosperity, Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Think Africa Institute.

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