January 31, 2023


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Sierra Leone: Foreign diplomats call on political actors to ease in political tension in Sierra Leone

Foreign diplomats in Sierra Leone have called political actors to ease political tension.

On the 4th June 2019 the United Nations Resident Coordinator in Sierra Leone, Mr. Sunil Saigal officially issued a statement requesting on all political actors in the country to engage in meaningful dialogue within themselves.

This statement was posted on their official Facebook page around midday.

In the statement the resident coordinator note that as there has being an increase in the political tension, the United Nations resident coordinator calls on Sierra Leonean political actors to engage in meaningful dialogue to have a reduction in these tensions and maintain the focus on addressing the significant development needs of the state and the people.

The statement also said that the UN resident coordinator will continue to move along with, and always contribute to facilitate such dialogue and called on all the citizens to maintain peace and calm.

Other diplomats had also called on politician to ease political tension in the country and maintain peace and stability.

The UK, US, EU, Irish and German Embassy in Sierra Leone also on Tuesday 4th June 2019 released a joint press statement, calling for an establishment for meaningful dialogue to reduce political tension in Sierra Leone.

These joint statements came up just after a chaotic scene between main opposition supporters and security officers on Friday and that was as a result of a court ruling which rules out opposition MPs from parliament.