SALONE EVENT: Tokeh Regatta 3 goes down Dec 23rd tickets available! (PHOTOS)


Join me on December 23rd as we try to pull off the most entertaining day of family fun at Tokeh Beach in Freetown. Friends of Education Salone was founded three years ago by Randa Swaid, a philanthropist and self-made business woman in Sierra Leone. The annual regatta is a local effort to raise funds to build schools in coastal communities on the peninsular. I’ll be taking up my duties as host of the games, and boat race after a year in absentia. Check out these pics of the last two regattas and see you there!




  • Luke

    Is it necessary to buy tickets in advance? If not, where are they available? The poster says “sold” here, but it’s not clear where “here” is?

    Is there still a City Plaza on Wilberforce Street?