US Ambassador Owen politically incorrect on Sierra Leone elections prediction


Micheal Owen and President Obama (Photo: Rice University)

The US Ambassador to Sierra Leone Micheal Owen has said on local radio that a run off is likely in the nation’s November 17th elections. In other words Owen means to say that the current president will not get the necessary 55 percent majority vote needed in the first round. While this may be so, it is somewhat problematic for the US Ambassador to say this publicly. Why? Well in the event that there isn’t a run-off it is statements like these that might incite the opposition to reject a different result if things turn out differently.

What survey or opinion poll has Owen and or the US Embassy done to substantiate his statement? In short who is Micheal Owen and on what authority can he say what will happen in our elections. Yes we know via Wikileaks that often times the US government is privy to information that locals do not have. But it is dangerous and careless of Owen to say what he said. The nonpartisan  thing to say, would be that the US government had done its part by providing some $4 million to support free, fair, and credible elections. Anything else added to that is irrelevant and politically incorrect.

This is not to say that a run off isn’t likely or that we do not want it to happen. The US government should stay out of local politics.

Owen replaced June Carter Perry as Ambassador in 2010.


  1. Matthew Jabati 24 October, 2012 at 21:17 Reply

    I fully agree with the opinion of the US Ambassador to Sierra Leone. Running elections involve funds and complex advance planning. Only the less informed or callous minds will disagree that a run-off is most likely. Please read the last election counts and study the trend and know that we need to prep for run-off with the greater likelihood of an opposition victory.Count my words, Mr. Owen is politically correct…start planning resources and logistics for the run-off.

  2. PRINCE DUWAI KALLON 27 October, 2012 at 10:06 Reply

    Why are you always against the opinions of others? Why can’t you give peace a chance?
    Cocorioko or APC propaganda machine should not speak for every Sierra Leone only a harmful of blood thirsty and died hearted APC supporters. Why can’t you declared Ernest Bai Koroma the winner or unopposed as your fore fathers did that plunged the country into civil war.
    Why all APC leaders and their supporters are power-hungry? The SLPP shows great refrain, clearly believes in democratic dispensations. President Koroma is not even Sierra Leone best, neither Africa best and how come world best as published in your local newspapers as we still live beyond the 15th century nor the days of one party dynasty.

  3. Alfred Jeff Kamara 28 December, 2012 at 01:38 Reply

    If the US has the the money to support a democratic and fair elections, then that is welcomed and fair—as US has always been the “bastion”? of promoting democracy around the world. But what I totally disagree with is Micheal’s comment on the outcome of an election for a country to which the US office should be seen as neutral. Micheal’s comments remind of us of what happens when the US strenuously attempt to meddle in political processes of foreign countries—if the outcome is not considered to be in the best interest of the US. Please Micheal, continue to positively support and advise Sierra Leone in the country’s rebuilding efforts.

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