Eight women from Sierra Leone you should know for International Women’s Day

Ami Dumbuya, Managing Director, Pinnacle/BSI

In commemoration of International Women’s Day I would like to introduce you to eight amazing, beautiful, pioneers from Sierra Leone. In selecting these women we asked ourselves one very important question; who are the young women in Sierra Leone who have made an impact on the lives of those living back home and are pioneers of industry? While we can’t celebrate every woman who deserves it, we believe that the following ladies have made a mark in Sierra Leone and will continue to do so. So here is our list of eight women from Sierra Leone you need to know in no order.

Ami Dumbuya – Managing Director/PR Consultant (Pinnacle and BSI) – When IPTel needed a face to launch their services in Sierra Leone Ami was it. When SierraTel was looking to rebrand and relaunch nationally, Ami was it. As managing director of Pinnacle a company she founded a couple of years ago Ami is the go to woman for brand promotions in Sierra Leone. Before she said goodbye to her locks, she single-handedly pioneered a natural hair revolution. Ami now runs Business Services International (BSI) providing fully furnished serviced offices and meeting rooms for short and long-term business users.

Dr. Fatu Forna, Obstetrician and Executive Director, Mama en Pikin Foundation

Dr.Fatu Forna – Obstetrician/Executive Director (Mama en Pikin Foundation) – A mom with a medical mission. Every year Fatu and her husband also a medical doctor raise funds at their home in Atlanta and travel to Sierra Leone with medical supplies and offer free medical services. She studied medicine at Duke University School of Medicine, and Public Health at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Public Health. She completed her Obstetrics and gynaecology residency at Emory University School of Medicine.

Sidi Koroma - Managing Director, Positive Changes

Sidi Koroma – Managing Director (Positive Changes) –  Sidi runs Positive Changes a head hunter firm headquartered in Freetown and she is the go to woman for big and small businesses looking to hire the nation’s best and brightest. Some of her clients include Addax Bioenergy Sierra Leone Ltd, and Guaranty Trust Bank.

Adama Kai Kargbo - Designer/Creative Director/Stylist, Aschobi Designs

Adama Kai Kargbo – Designer/Creative Director/Stylist (Aschobi Designs) – She pioneered Freetown’s fashion revolution with the launch of Aschobi designs in 2008. Her fashion line became the first Sierra Leonean brand to be featured on the BBC, Arise Africa Fashion Week, Canoe Magazine, Huffington Post, Good Magazine, Ladybrille, and more. Aschobi is the fashion brand of the future.

Millicent Hamilton Hazeley (Ojumu) - Managing Director and Entrepreneur, Clas Legal and Kotintri Gifts

Millicent Hamilton-Hazeley – Managing Director/Entrepreneur (Clas Legal/Kotintri)– Millicent a legal powerhouse behind Clas Legal a business consultancy  firm with offices in Liberia and Sierra Leone.  She founded after repatriating back home. She also recently launched an arts and crafts boutique with a partner in Freetown. She is an expert on translational and telecommunications business. Her clients include Compass, WPP Group, GE Capital, Geopost Group, Royal  Bank of Scotland, and Barclays Bank.

Yvonne Aki-Sawyer, Investment Director, IDEAS UK

Yvonne Aki-Sawyer – Investment Director (IDEAS UK) – She dreamed big, planned, and fought to make it happen. When we first heard the Yvonne wanted to build the multi million dollar Mape community in Lungi some people said it would never happen. They also said winning the bid to turn Cape Sierra Hotel into a Hilton subsidiary would never happen. Late last year the President and others turned the soil, and the bulldozers went to work demolishing what once was for what is to come…The Cape Sierra Hilton.


Mariatu Kargbo, Miss Sierra Leone 2009, Performer, Singer

Mariatu Kargbo – Miss Sierra Leone 2009/Performer/Singer – Many people hadn’t noticed the Miss Sierra Leone beauty pageant until Mariatu flew in from China and won the title. Her afro-chinese changing mask and fire dance stole hearts at the Miss World Competition in South Africa 2009. She went on to place higher than any other Miss Sierra Leone at the pageant bringing home the prize for best costume and talent performance. Today Mariatu is a celebrated public figure both in Sierra Leone and in Beijing, China where she lives.

Visao Foundation online (sadly we couldn't find an image for Ms. Renner online)

Lisl Renner – Founder/Philanthropist (Visao Foundation) – While many of us were still only dreaming of making a contribution to Sierra Leone, Lisl Renner had started the Visao Foundation in 2005. Every year she gets together a team of volunteers to conduct educational week-long camps for underprivileged teenagers in Freetown. She goes and contributes without fanfare or pretense showing passion and committed to giving back and that is why we love her.


  1. Mrs. Millicent Lewis-Ojumu 9 March, 2012 at 12:33 Reply

    Thank You Swit Salone! How very ‘swit’ of you!! Much appreciated!!!

    However, please correct an error in the listing – CLAS Legal Limited is a consultancy firm and not a law firm. For those interested to know, we have offices in Sierra Leone and Liberia and offer corporate, legal and advisory services covering tax, accounting, legal, managerial, immigration and secretarial work focusing on ICT/telecoms, agriculture, marine, minerals and finance sectors.

  2. Mokor 17 March, 2012 at 06:43 Reply

    This is really nice. Until now I never knew such beautiful achievers, and i can bet there are much more! Keep it Swit Salone!

  3. Sidi Koroma 18 March, 2012 at 08:00 Reply

    Thank you Vickie,Swit Salone and commentators. What a pleasant surprise. And yes, Mokor, there are MANY many more!

    Positive Change HR Consultancy Services provides (i) Research & Advisory services and (ii) Headhunting & Recruitment services to private and public sector clients operating in Sierra Leone.

    many thanks

  4. fashionwowzer 11 December, 2012 at 04:40 Reply

    gr8 post..pls does Adama kai kargbo help young wannabe fashion designers in sierra leone? if so i wld b honoured 2 show her my collection…

  5. Adama Sallie Kargbo 10 May, 2015 at 20:31 Reply

    Thank you for the shout out Vickie, and Swit Salone. I feel honored to be amongst such inspiring women.

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