An Introduction to Plam Wine Tapping & Palm Wine Drinking on the Vickie Remoe Show

While many have enjoyed Plam wine-poyo there is very little done to celebrate the little people who make it possible for us to enjoy the delights from God to man. Spare me a couple minutes to celebrate a day in the life of the hard working men who climb the trees, tap the juice, and make it possible for you to stop by your local poyo baffa and enjoy the cheapest brew known to man.

Last November as part of a the a day in the life series we went to Newtown-5 mile to learn about the poyo business. I dared to climb half way up the plam tree, and now when i walk into a room i am almost certain that i will be the only woman to have climbed a plam tree.

Ever heard of palm wine music?

A day in the Life of a Palm Wine Tapper on the Vickie Remoe Show.

Now how’s that for swagga!