December 10, 2022


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Wellness, Selfcare & Entrepreneurship with Tamu Thomas – African Experts Podcast Ep 4 

Today, entrepreneurship is seen as one of the most sustainable job generation tools in Africa. Entrepreneurs have played a key role in the economic development of their countries which helps boost their market to the global stage.

Entrepreneurship can be defined as the concept of developing and managing a business to make a profit. In the new episode of the African Experts Podcast, “Wellness, Selfcare & Entrepreneurship “, host Vickie Remoe is in conversation with Somatic and Wellness expert Tamu Thomas

Vickie and Tamu centred their discussion on wellness, entrepreneurship, and somatic coaching around Africans at home and the diaspora. They looked at what is problematic about the way we are taught to think of entrepreneurship and how to create success especially as Africans and how that can lead to burnout.

According to Tamu, it is endemic to the way humans in the modern world are brought up, and then you have the African elements to which that amplifies. Looking at humans in general, as a species, productivity, being able to work, being able to identify what you need to do to have what you need to have has enabled us to be the most dominant species on this planet. The World has all other things going on, in terms of human history this era is the safest, now we are having agriculture to support the feeding system of people. We have a lot of conveniences to acquire stuff important to us as a sophisticated human organism.

Furthermore, they discussed Tamu’s journey, taking emphasis on her lowest point whilst on the path to success and how that brought her to launch her wellness brand ‘Live Three Sixty’. Tamu states that for her it wasn’t the lowest point, because sometimes people don’t realize that they are low because of the messaging they get, they think they are lazy, think that they are weak, think that they haven’t got it. So rather than acknowledging she was tired and burned out, because people around here tend to be busy, and that was exhausting for her. 

Upon approaching age 40, Tamu had to decide that she had to make her future look good, so by the time she is 60, she will be that old woman that will live life in luxury, in order to achieve that she has to put in the work now. 

“When we start to understand what our individual human needs are, and we start to cultivate a culture that enables us to meet our needs we will then emancipate our business to help us live the life that we want to live,”  Tamu stated. 

Vickie asked what self-assessment can entrepreneurs do to realize that they are on the path to burnout depletion? Tamu responded by giving 4 points to detect burnout depletion;

  • If someone is in a position to burn out depletion.
  • If he or she is feeling tired all the time.
  • If the individual is drinking coffee throughout the day to get him or her going.
  • If he or she won’t know how to ask for help until they realize that the time they need help has passed.

So people need to make sure that they sleep and eat well, they shouldn’t eat for taste. 

Listen to the podcast now and get the full insight on wellness, selfcare, and entrepreneurship. Click on the link below to listen now: