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Over 800,000 pupils have enrolled in public schools since the launch of the Free Quality School Education in 2018 – President Bio

President Julius Maada Bio has in a recent tweet informed members of the public that the enrollment of school-going children in public schools has increased by over 800,000 more pupils since the introduction of the Government flagship Free Quality School Education (FQSE) Program in 2018. 

He further states that a total of 8,000 new teachers have been recruited into the teaching service, while the financing on education has increased by 22 percent of the country’s national budget. More pregnant girls have also been allowed into the classrooms and that he claimed to be a Radical inclusion. 

The Free Quality School Education (FQSE), is a government flagship program that is dedicated towards the promotion of quality education in Sierra Leone. The main objective of the program is to increase nationwide access to quality pre-primary, primary, and secondary schooling, as well as school-level technical and vocational education and training.

The FQSE seeks to see that all school children will be able to successfully complete basic education and be prepared to move on to pursue higher education or training as appropriate for the workforce needed for national development.

The program also ensures that all core costs for formal and non-formal school education are covered by the Government of Sierra Leone and parents/guardians are required to take responsibility for ancillary costs.