January 30, 2023


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West Africa Democracy Radio: Books And education for Children with Autism

Vickie Remoe was a guest on Dakar-based West Africa Democracy Radio 94.9 FM to talk about the importance of early childhood education and her mission to decolonize the English language. Here are excerpts from Remoe’s Interview on Eduscope:

There are two types of Akara in Sierra Leone.

“In Sierra Leone, one of the things that are really interesting is that we have a population of people called Krios. The Krios are settlers who are descendants of slaves. Many of them came from other parts of Africa and brought a lot of other customs with them. Some came from the Caribbean, and they brought Caribbean cultures with them so Sierra Leone is actually the one place where you find two types of akara. There are two types of Akara in Sierra Leone, the one illustrated in the book ‘Adama Loves Akara’ is prepared almost the same as Jamaica’s banana fritters with banana and flour and beans akara, common to Africa countries like Ghana and Nigeria. 
“My next book is going to focus on the entire alphabet, but the alphabet with points of reference that are authentically African so from A is for akara to Z is for Zulu; things that children can see. Things that are in their community and culture.”

To listen to the full interview please visit Eduscope’s page on Audiomack

Adama Loves Akara is about a Sierra Leonean daughter and father duo who enjoy reading, playing learning games, and sharing their favorite snack. The book introduces early readers to short and long ‘a’ vowel sounds.