February 5, 2023


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

Itribe releases debut album “Dis Feeling”

Singer and songwriter Itribe has released his debut album titled “Dis Feeling.”

The album was centered on Love because it portrays the everyday love story of people, He collaborated with three artists, Arkman in “Fit in Gbet,” Star Zee in “Taking it,” and Samza in “Omawaley.” The album also features contemporary traditional songs partly sung in Mende, which aims at sharing the aspect of traditional sounds that are mostly ignored. 

The producers of the album are Wilbert, Jazzy Jossy, Coolest Kid, and Kargrickson. Itribe is the CEO of Majesty Entertainment and was the representative for Sierra Leone in the 2013 Project Fame West Africa Musical Competition. 

official tracklist

To stream the full album, follow the link below.