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Meet Sierra Leone’s Essential Workers: The Disc Jockey

I started promoting upcoming musicians online, and that’s when I started becoming a DJ. I dropped out in my third year of engineering due to financial challenges. Things were okay before the pandemic. During the peak seasons, I hosted over 40 shows a month, and I played daily at a nightclub. Around Easter, I was booked to tour Sierra Leone and host an event for King Boss LA, a hip-hop artist, and others, but then the pandemic arrived.

Now, things have gotten worse. I lost lots of projects, and because of the restrictions on social gatherings, there are fewer events these days, and I’m only getting side gigs. I’m 26 and the breadwinner of my family; I have to take care of my mom and two siblings. I also cover food at home. Now, we can’t cook every day and my family understands.

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