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Sierra Leone: Sinava Inc, aims to give future leaders necessary tools to succeed

Sinava Incorporated is an NGO that has been in operation in Sierra Leone for three years now.

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Speaking to the CEO and Founder of Sinava, Inc Mr Bpaaki Micheal Vandi, he disclosed that “our main focus is providing supplemental school supplies through their partnership with local clinics and hospitals in Sierra Leone.”

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He added that they also provide basic health services to students including free annual physical checkups.

“When visiting Sierra Leone in 2013, I met with some students who, though they were in school they couldn’t afford most of the supplies, I also met with other children who could not attend school because of the various costs associated with school, Upon my return to the United States in January of 2014, I assessed the situation and felt I should do something. Shortly after my arrival, Sierra Leone got hit with the Ebola virus later that year. Both of these were the catalyst to the creation of Sinava, Inc. I created this organization not only to help students go to school and not worry about associated costs, but also to assist health professionals in the event of similar and future illness outbreaks, by providing them with the needed medical supplies and equipment” he said when asked about what motivates him to take up such ventures.

Yes, we are open to serve all people of Sierra Leone. However, due to our small size and lack of funds, we are currently focused on one area: and that’s Kenema. Our hope is as we grow, we will expand our services to the rest of the country and even beyond, he responded when asked whether his charity was opened to all who needed a helping hand.

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“What drives me is the need to see my country (Sierra Leone) thrive, develop and reclaim its title as the ‘Athens of West Africa’ Furthermore, I am motivated by the young bright students that we serve in our organization. Their willingness to learn and become change agents in their communities is inspiring”, he said when asked about his drives him.

“Majority of our funding comes from the general public, through donations. Each year, we fundraise and collect school and medical supplies and ship them to Sierra Leone where we distribute them among our beneficiaries and partner clinics/hospitals. We are presently planning a fundraising event in the United States for this year ahead of our December trip”, he said when asked about where he gets funding from.


“Since our partnership with the two schools we sponsor (Methodist Primary School and Ansarul Islamic Secondary School, both in Kenema), teachers have reported that our students are more confident, focused, and excelling in their classes. They attend school regularly and are always ready to help their fellow classmates”, he said when asked to share a success story of the organization.

You can find them on the following social media handles :

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