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Sierra Leone: Cotton Tree Pharmacy launches new mobile friendly website


New features include online payment and ease of navigation

FREETOWN, SIERRA LEONE.– Cotton Tree Pharmacy launched the new website to end the year. Features of the new site include mobile responsive, simplified layout, ease of use navigation, industry standard security and targeted content representing all pharmacy services.

“The new website is a great health and medical resource for Sierra Leoneans at home and in the diaspora,” said CT Medical Group founder, Dr. Fouad Sheriff.

“Since our families are both at home in the diaspora, our mobile-friendly website supports our diaspora medication connect service. This service allows anyone to pay for prescription online. Freetown residents can bring their prescriptions to our pharmacy at 17, Pa Demba Road. There we will give them an invoice which payment instructions that they can send to their sponsors in the diaspora. Once a sponsor has paid for a prescription online. We can deliver those meds to the patient in Sierra Leone.”

The Cotton Tree Pharmacy website also gives visitors access to a resource library of on medication and important health messages from our medical experts. The library covers a wide variety of topics that may help the community better prepare for theirs and their family’s health at home and abroad.

About Cotton Tree Pharmacy

Cotton Tree Pharmacy is the flagship investment of Cotton Tree Medical Group founded by Dr. Fouad Sheriff, a Sierra Leonean American physician in Virginia. Dr. Sheriff founded the pharmacy to meet Sierra Leone’s need for quality, genuine, brand name, and generic over the counter and prescription medicines. Cotton Tree Pharmacy is located at 17, Pa Demba Road in the heart of Freetown’s business district. CT Pharmacy is the only provider that operates both in the US and in Sierra Leone with the capacity to fill prescriptions from US doctors. For more information about Cotton Tree Pharmacy Company or to request an interview with Dr. Fouad Sheriff contact Vickie Remoe, VR&C Marketing Company, at +232 88 595932. Visit:



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