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Watch Sia ‘Sitta Luvz’ Tarawally #SierraLeoneTag (VIDEO)

by Vickie Remoe

Meet Sitta Luvs-SierraLeone

Meet Sitta! She is an actress, a fire cracker, or as we say in Sierra Leone when you’re just too dynomite, “Na Crase Uman”. Check out her Sierra Leone tag video. Na Kono, Mende gyal, she is also trying to claim Bambara over there in Mali but we don’t hear it. She don’t know that her tribe is whatever her father is so leave this pikin wit ein bohku talk. Anyway to watch Sitta is to love her, she definitely has a super bright future. Talking bout ex boyfriend is Nigerian, Pastor is Nigerian, Sitta go and find a Salone man oh, make we no come for you. Generation UP NEXT!

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