December 8, 2022


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

Law firm of Jenkins-Johnston may sue Zenith Bank MD Oby Ikeh-Unekwe (Mrs) for alledgedly cursing out a News Reporter

                                                     (Mrs Oby Ikeh Unekwe, MD Zenith Bank- Sierra Leone)
Is it just me or has Freetown gone bonkers. I travel just for 10 days and people are recording sex tapes, blackmail, and now a recorded phone conversation between the MD of Zenith Bank Sierra Leone and a reporter in which the MD curses out the reporter. According to the letter written to Mrs. Oby Ikeh Unekwe, the lawyers of Jenskins-Johnson & Co. are asking for an apology for Mrs. Kadijatu Savage who last week called Mrs Unekwe to enquire about the status of a productivity bonus promised to bank employees.

Some of the Sierra Leone staff had complained that they had not received their bonus and so they had enlisted the reporter’s aide to sort out their issues. The lawyers’ letter indicate that the reporter recorded the phone conversation between herself and the MD, supposedly Mrs. Unekwe went off on the reporter calling her “a stupid jobless woman, and a bastard” and hung up the phone.

Jenskins-Johnston letter claims that the MD has committed several offences under Public Order Act No. 46 of 1965 for which they are threatening to arrest Mrs Unekwe if she does not send a letter of Apology to Mrs Kadijatu Savage.

First off I think that the idea of suing Mrs. Unekwe is ridiculous. Every time one of the Nigerian Bank MDs has a bad day someone thinks its pay day. Whether its the Nigerian movies or ECOMOG’s presence in Sierra Leone, i believe that sierra leoneans have very negative and destructive opinions and beliefs about Nigerians. And it goes to show how ungrateful and closed minded we are as a people. Whhile they West was dragging its feet….it was ECOMOG who bailed us out. Nigerian soldiers who had no business here lost their lives so we could have peace. As the daughter of a Nigerian man….i say once and for all, Leave my people alone!!!

Mrs. Unekwe who i don’t know but for a brief introduction at a corporate cocktail some months ago may indeed not be paying productivity bonuses to her staff because quite simply they may not be productive. Having worked in Sierra Leone and managed a staff of 16 people i know that workers’ attitudes are that if they show up they must then collect salary. Maybe Mrs Unekwe’s staff has done little to increase the banks bottom line and rightly so she has refused to pay a bonus. How can your employer give you a bonus if they are not making a profit. Dis not to Wall Street way day pay bonus pan recession oh…

Now if indeed Mrs Unekwe who has over a decade of banking experience and is presently the Managing Director/CEO of Zenith Trustees Limited cursed out the reporter so what. Why should she be a victim of the media smear campaign? Atleast she no curse di reporter's mama. Bo oona lef we ya.....