Sierra Leone: President’s Recovery Priorities include Education, Private Sector, and Energy

Press Release

His Excellency Ernest Bai Koroma launched the Second Phase of The President’s Recovery Priorities in Magburaka Tonkolli District on Monday 20th June 2016. The President’s Recovery Priorities will focus and deliver seven priority sectors in Sierra Leone; 1) Education 2) Energy 3) Governance, 4) Health 5) Private Sector Development 6) social protection and 7) water.

This follows the Early Recovery Phase (6-9 months) that was initiated in July 2015 after the International Ebola Recovery Conference ended in March 2016 an independent evaluation of the results of this phase has found that overall the process has been successful and progress has been made.

During the Programme Chief of Staff Mr Saidu Conton-Sesay stated “that providing precise information on the activities that will improve our health, energy, education, private sector, social protection and water will contribute to a culture of accountability – the responsibility and answerability of institutions for delivering on their mandate – that will drive success.”

With the launch of the Second Phase of The President’s Recovery Priorities a robust delivery team have been established and this process includes a collaboration of experienced professionals and the expertise of 11 Ministries, departments and agencies, as well as the district chairs, traditional and community leaders and the full support of several international funding partners.

These collaborative planning processes have been brought together in a recovery plan to deliver significant benefits to the citizens and the economy of Sierra Leone.

In his statement during the Launch President Koroma stated that ‘we also acknowledge that there is still work to be done to fix our #economy; to put it back on the path of full recovery. This bit has been as difficult as it can be. The slump in the price of commodities has added to the economic woes of Ebola, which is why we must continue to work together with renewed zeal and commitment.

He continued by stating that “We are here today not just to launch a set of priorities, a set of actions that my government will be responsible for delivering, but to launch a new way of working – amongst ourselves, within government and across MDAs, with our development partners, with the private sector, and with all of you, the citizens of Sierra Leone. This is a pivotal moment for Sierra Leone. We have been granted an unprecedented opportunity to create the nation that we want our children to inherit and I ask you all to join me in choosing life, growth and dignity.”

Dr Parminder Brar, World Bank Country Director said that “we need to create an environment that enables the development of the private sector.”

About The Sierra Leone Local Content Agency

The Sierra Leone Local Content Agency is a sub-initiative owner within the Private Sector Development Priority and this is inline with the SLLCA’s own mandate to provide for the development of Sierra Leone’s Local content in a range of sectors of the economy which include the Private Sector. The Agency will use measures that will aid private sector job creation, and #SME growth, particularly in the agricultural sector, as well as employment and training of citizen’s through the #TVET coalition and the enhancing our business enabling environment and supporting an integrated value chain approach #presidentsrecoverypriorities #localContent #SierraLeone