Home Entertainment Esquire Mag says Idris Elba at 40 is “Hollywood’s Next Generation”

Esquire Mag says Idris Elba at 40 is “Hollywood’s Next Generation”

by Vickie Remoe

Idris Elba shares the September 2012 cover of Esquire Magazine’s ‘Hollywood’s Next Generation’ with 5 other dapper dons. But its kind of funny to us that on the same month that he’ll turn 40 he is being touted as whats next. We love Idrissa and will buy up every magazine, watch each of his music videos even if it makes us cringe, watch all the movies, and continue a love affair with him that he is oblivious to but don’t tell us that he is the future. Yes, we believe that after the Mandela biopic and more lead roles that he’ll make it on to the Hollywood A list but Idrissa is just to old to be on this list.  This is what happens when you start getting mainstream recognition from the media in the US they act like you just got there. Anyway we are happy that the rest of you who haven’t been paying attention can finally recognize the talent, style god, and beauty that is Idrissa.

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