“Salone Men Don’t Cheat”? Mr Best thinks so


Do Salone Men Cheat? I know if you ask a lot of Salone Women that question the answer will be an obvious “YES”. Well, a certain young Sierra Leonean gentleman who happens to be a young musician thinks “Salone Men Don’t Cheat” at all to the extent he even made a song about it. And this song is actually making a lot of noise around both the entertainment industry and the lives of young Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad.

Mr Best performing Salone Men Don’t Cheat in a Club in America

Mr Best after releasing “Salone Men Don’t Cheat” said that he honestly knew it was going to be a controversial song but states that not all “Salone Men” cheat and wanted to change the narrative that they all do.

 “Cheating is and always has been part of human nature, however, it has been damaging to some homes and families to the point that it has caused separations. Within our community, people always say things like Sierra Leonean guys are the worst cheaters, always cheating, blah blah blah lol, I personally believe that might just be a fraction of us while it is being generalized to all of us. With that being said the message is a generalized rebuttal to the fact that there are still Salone men out there that don’t cheat.”

Mr Best further stated that he is excited and loves the fact that the song is getting mixed reactions from the general public as this was his intended expectation prior to releasing the song.

“I think it’s fun to see people having discussions on such a controversial topic.”

Stephan Tamba Bayoh was born on the 3rd of January, 1995. He attended the Modern Elementary School from kindergarten to class 6 and he went on to do his secondary education at the Sierra Leone Grammar School. But he always had a passion for music and music was like a hobby for him.

In Junior Secondary School Stephan was part of the radio program voice of children on UN Radio and it was there that he started writing raps to deliver on air after the show. Fast forward to senior secondary school and with his company of friends they started a rap group called McDaddy and it was there the name Mr BEST was born. Faced with a choice to either pursue music or his academics, he decided to focus on his education and put his music behind him.

While in Secondary School Mr Best was well known for his social life. He was often representing the school in quiz, essay and poetry competitions in which he excelled greatly. It was this exposure to poetry backed with his love for hip hop music that drove him to start making music.

“Quitting music has always been part of the process and till this day there are times I do get fed up due to emotions and personal affairs that interfere with my creativity. However, these fears are short-lived.”

In 2013 he moved to the USA for his tertiary education and it was there that he started producing and making beats. In 2016 he released his first official single titled, Mrs Best and shortly after that the well-known banger Gee Den was also released.

Mr Best has been constantly rebranding himself and has consistently kept a streak of outputs since 2016. In 2018 Mr Best dropped his debut album titled B.E.S.T. (Blessing Every Soul Touched) a 15 track LP. In 2017 he co-produced the debut album of a friend and fellow hitmaker Prodigy of Simplay Ltd. He has done a lot of features and beats with other well-known and upcoming artists.

On a typical day, Mr Best goes to work as an IT Engineer and even at work, his music is his first job

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