Inside new terminal at Freetown Lungi International Airport (PHOTOS)


Don’t expect to see this when you head to Sierra Leone for Christmas holidays because the new terminal is yet to be opened to the public. When I was in Freetown I was lucky to get a sneak peek at the terminal. The Lungi Modernization Project will boast 14 Check-in counters, 4 new boarding gates, 8 Airline offices etc. etc. If you’ve never been to Sierra Leone you won’t understand why the excitement over this improvements. Check it out tho!

  • Luke

    Too bad this all came at the price of extraordinarily high departure taxes, helping to make Lungi one of Africa’s most expensive airports to fly out of. As long as tickets are 20-35% cheaper out of Conakry, Dakar, and Banjul, I will probably continue to avoid flying out of this airport despite it’s modern beauty. Hopefully now that the renovations are complete, they will reduce the taxes???