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The Learning Foundation Boosts Reading and Writing Skills in Schools across Freetown


The Learning Foundation has organized reading club sessions for two junior secondary schools in Freetown, namely Vine Memorial and Government Technical Junior Secondary Schools. The initiative was aimed at enhancing the reading and writing skills of the students in these institutions.

More than 30 students participated in these sessions on Tuesday, October 10, and Wednesday, October 11, 2023. They delved into various books, including “20 Women Icons of Sierra Leone That Shaped History” and “Tibujang Must not Come,”  among others. Additionally, they participated in activities such as text analysis, visualization, and word searches in dictionaries.

Saio Marrah, the Program Manager for The Learning Foundation, highlighted that the reading exercise is just one of the many sessions held in these schools and others nationwide. He expressed his enthusiasm regarding the significant progress witnessed in the students, comparing their current abilities to when they first started participating in these sessions.

“In general, we are making a substantial impact. The students are growing in confidence, improving their reading skills, and developing the ability to connect words through various methods,” said Marrah.

The students conveyed deep gratitude for the chances provided to enhance their reading abilities, emphasizing the transformative impact on both their lives and academic performance.

“Prior to joining the club, I struggled to express myself in front of teachers and classmates. However, now I feel very at ease and can articulate my thoughts effectively,” said Christiana Massaquoi, a student from Government Technical School.  

In Sierra Leone, students in primary and secondary schools encounter difficulties when it comes to reading and expressing themselves effectively. The Learning Foundation, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to fostering a love for reading in the country. 

Through the years, with support from Schools for Salone, they have established school libraries that offer access to high-quality books tailored to different age groups. Additionally, the foundation organizes after-school clubs and actively promotes literacy.

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