DID U KNOW? SierraLeone made Muhamad Ghadaffi a parliamentarian in 2008

Why do you think the Libyan Ambassador to Sierra Leone or other diplomats in African countries have yet to resign or speak out against the tyranny of Gaddafi? Simple, you cant bite the hands that feed you.

Sierra Leone has for a long time had close diplomatic ties with Libya whether providing weapons for mercenaries during the conflict or financial assistance to the governments of both President Tejan Kabbah and Ernest Bai Koroma. This relationship is so tight that back in 2008 when the brother leader monster visited our tiny country the members of parliament clearly at Gadaffi’s behest held an emergency session in the middle of the night to confer the title of honorary parliamentarian to him. Once again selling our ‘birthrite for coco ebeh

So while Gambian President Yayah Jammeh has called for Gaddafi to step down, I am not expecting President Koroma to do so because as IB Koroma puts it “we are not an ungrateful people”. To which i’d say, poverty should not be an embargo for Presidetn Koroma to speak truth about a man who will rather massacre his people than give up power.

In this case, my government does not represent or speak for me as a citizen of Sierra Leone. Gaddafi must stop the killings and step down. May the Peace of Allah be with the people of Libya through this very difficult time.