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(looking damn good in the Africana!!)
(SLPP Good & bad news is brought to you by our “friends” @ the WorldBank who mostly look at quantitative economic statistics to measure growth based on GDP & GNP. When it comes to the Human Development Report which takes into account quality of life by measuring literacy, life expectancy, access to clean water, school enrollment etc. Sierra Leone ranks 176/177 with a Human Development Index of .335 with the highest being Norway with .965 and the last being Niger with.311. So we still have a very long long long way to go. But when we make those small steps towards our goals we should also rejoice)

SLPP GOOD NEWS 2004-2005 and first quarter ’06
· Real GDP increased by 7.3 %
· Spending on poverty alleviation reached 24.5% of GDP (increase in health and education).
· Cement production increased from 41,070 tons to 58,060tons…major boom in construction activity
· Domestic Revenue for 1st quarter 2006 totaled Le 118.8 billion exceeded the target of Le 111.4billion.
· Since start of 200648 micro-farms created by Ministry of Youth & Sports120 agricultural business units established by ministry of agriculture1 macro farm in Newton with employment potential of 1500 youth12 farms comprising 10 young women in 12 districts6 enterprises for “Girls off the Streets”1200 youth in 3 districts have been granted micro credit1 medium sized enterprise for palm kernel employs 30 youth3618 youth are employed by SLRA in various road works
· self-sufficiency in rice increased from 60 percent in ’04 to 69% in 2005
· Two districts Kailahun & Koinadugu were self sufficient in rice production in 2004
· Three more districts became self sufficient in rice in 2005 (Kambia, Pujehun, Moyamba)
· (percentage increase in 2005)Goats 28.57Sheep 25.00Chicken 15.56Ducks 25.00Pigs 40.00Rabbits 16.67
· Reopened Sierra Rutile mines & bauxite mining at Mokanji that resulted in the creation 1400 new jobs
· Increase of 15% in industrial & artisanal fish production 2005
feeder roads in good condition increased by 10%
SLPP BAD NEWS 2004/2005
· 80% of population lives below equivalent of $1 a day
· Currency vulnerable to external shocks (oil prices)
· Merchandise imports were higher by 18.75% than in 2004, imports were 28.5% ($286.4 m) of GDP in 2005 whereas it was 26.75% of GDP in 2004
· Exports fell as a share of GDP from 13.4% in 2004 to 12.8% in 2005As a result trade deficit grew to $187.4 m (or 15% of GDP) compared to $146.7 m (or 13.7 % of GDP)
· Government revenues were short of 12.2 % GDP target due to “government’s inability to enforce some of the agreed tax enhancement reforms especially the collection of 10% sales tax on phone companies” pg. 22
· Official diamond production totaled 140,000 carats slightly down from the 147,450 carats
· National Power Authority for Freetown in 1st Quarter 2006 saw 41% drop from same period last year
· Total grants during the period stood at Le48.2billion compared to projected Le74.3 billion.
· Companies paying taxes through KPMG fell behind payments due to KPMG delays
· Shortfalls in expenditure for education (12.5%), health (29%), and agriculture (68%).
· With regards to the implementation of the TRC recommendations, the government needs to develop an action plan in order to implement the TRC recs.
· Cattle 33.33 ( cattle production fell below the target by 50,000 heads)
· This increased capacity for Freetown to 31.11 mw far from the 100mw energy requirement for the entire western area.


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