March 24, 2023


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US Secretary of State postpones trip to Beijing after Chinese surveillance balloon seen above the US skies

The United States Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken has postponed his trip to Beijing after a Chinese surveillance balloon was detected in the skies above the US.

China says it’s a “weather research balloon” that’s been blown off course. US officials say the balloons appear to be manoeuvrable. 

The Pentagon spokesman, General Patrick Raider contradicts China’s response. He said however the fact is, the U.S. government knows it is a “surveillance balloon” and this has violated the United States Airspace International law which is unacceptable. He added that they have conveyed a complaint to the People’s Republic of China on multiple levels.

The surveillance balloon was taken down by a Sidewinder missile off the coast of South Carolina, bringing to an end its outrage, and staging a reengineering process by US military and intelligence officials who are aiming to make more of the controversial object. 

The Times White House and national security correspondent wrote in an analysis that the balloon incident speaks highly of how minimal the communication between Washington and Beijing has been.