February 6, 2023


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

Sierra Leone’s First Electric Car Built by 20-Year-Old James Samba

20-Years old James Momodu Dao Samba is a Sierra Leonean innovator and a software engineering student who took just nine months to successfully build the first ever 100% electric vehicle in Sierra Leone.

In an interview with SwitSalone.com, Samba explained the full potential of his self-made electric car. He stated that the vehicle was inspired by his uncle who is handicapped knowing that his uncle’s condition is a recurring problem among other disabled, Samba became fully dedicated to finding a solution. 

“This electric vehicle was inspired by my uncle who is disabled. His struggle for movement pushed me to my limits.” James Samba, a 20-year-old innovator in Sierra Leone.

In late August this year, Samba disclosed his first locally-made 100% Electric Shuttle Minibus equipped with self-recharging capability, 10-seater, 100% disabled friendly, and fully designed and built in Sierra Leone. 

Built from about 50% locally sourced materials, the Electric Shuttle mini-bus is powered by a self-installed solar panel or alternatively an external electric source. Samba confirmed that, with a post-test, the vehicle could cover a distance of up to 150 km (93.206 miles) when fully charged, and can additionally cover 100 km (62.137 miles) with direct solar-assisted power. He added that the Electric Shuttle Mini-bus could run up to a speed limit of 80 km/hrs, a limit set for safety purposes.

“The speed range is about 60-80 km/hrs, a limit set for safety proposed since I designed it for commercial use. The vehicle can cover 150 km when fully charged with an extra 100 km with solar support.” James Samba. 

Samba also guaranteed that the Electric Shuttle Minibus should be expected to be in full commercial use in the next two months after registration and other legal terms are met. In the midst of global fuel crises, Samba mentioned his ambition to create more electric vehicles in the coming years if he gets all the support needed.

Samba is a self-taught mechanical engineer, Innovator, Entrepreneur, and founder and CEO of Wanjama Innovatives, an innovation company founded to transform innovative ideas into reality. In 2021, he won the Southern Region Social Good Summit Price of NLE 10,000. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Samba also created an automated handwashing station, for safe contactless public handwashing. Earlier this year he also developed a solar-powered wheelchair for persons with disabilities.