March 26, 2023


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

Meet Nyamakoro Marah the beauty queen that represented Sierra Leone in the 2022 Top Model of the Universe

Sierra Leonean model and second runner-up of the “Face of Koinadugu & Falaba” beauty contest, Nyamakoro Marah has represented Sierra Leone at this year’s “Top Model of the Universe” pageant in Istanbul, Turkey. 

Top Model of the Universe, is an international model competition for top models worldwide, with the purpose of projecting internationally and also integrating beauty, races, and cultures in a great way.

Marrah participated in the maiden edition of the “Face of Koinadugu & Falaba” beauty contest in 2021. The pageant show is aimed at motivating and mentoring young girls and boys, promoting feminine beauty and intelligence, and build self-confidence and leadership skills. 

It also empowers them to contribute meaningfully to society, promoting the culture, traditions, history, and beauty of Sierra Leone. 

Marah, 20, is a Law Student at Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone, a content creator, an actress, and an advocate for vulnerable women and girls. 

“Winning this pageant has helped me a lot, I have had the opportunity to travel internationally, financial support and so many things. It has changed my life, and my mentality in diverse ways,” said Marah. 

Representing Sierra Leone in Istanbul has been a lot for Marah and the founder of the Face of Koinadugu & Falaba beauty contest, Mabinty Mansaray. 

“My goal was not just to organize the contest and said goodbye to them, my aim is to empower them career-wise. And also promote tourism in Sierra Leone, because having a Sierra Leonean on such platforms will sell out the country to the world,” said Mansaray. 

However, Marah is hoping for international connections as she participated in this global show.