December 5, 2022


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

Pump fuel prices in Sierra Leone reduced from SLL 22,000 (SLE 22) to SLL 20,000 (SLE 20)

The Petroleum Regulatory Agency of Sierra Leone (PRA) on Monday, July 18, 2022, announced the reduction in the pump prices of petroleum products in the country from SLE 22 to SLE 20  per liter. 

This comes after the price of the products per barrel in the world market was reduced and it’s the first time in over 5 years the government is reducing the price of petroleum products in the country. 

However, since January this year, Sierra Leone has experienced multiple increases in the price of petroleum products. Coming from SLL 10,000 to SLL 12,000 in February, SLL 12,000 to SLL 15,000 in March, SLL 15,000 to SLL 18,000 in June and SLL 18,000 to SLL 22,000 in July.