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The fourth episode of Five Minutes with Swit Salone featuring multiple award-winning traditional folk singer Fantacee Wiz is out now.

Fantacee started her music career when she was a member of the Voice of Children on UN Radio. She later joined the Freetong Players International music group, and in 2011 she founded a music group called Sierra Unity Playas. Fantacee has participated in different campaigns including ‘Say No To Rape’ and ‘stop Violence Against Women’, and has also collaborated with the likes of Drizilik, Joel, and several others.

In this episode of the show, she takes us through a journey as one of Sierra Leone’s most recognized traditional folk singers.

Five Minutes with Swit Salone is an entertainment series featuring top Sierra Leonean celebrities in movies, music, and art. The show allows its guests to give a full background of their life from the beginning of their careers to their present stage. 

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