December 5, 2022


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

Sierra Leone: Public transport operators in Freetown embark on a sit-down strike

Public transport operators across Freetown are embarking on a sit-down strike action to protest against the high cost of fuel in the country. 

The streets of Freetown which used to be crowded with vehicles are currently empty and people are walking to their workplaces, businesses, and schools. As a result of the global crisis, the price of petroleum products in Sierra Leone has experienced rapid increases and the drivers are claiming that it’s too expensive, considering the economic situation in the country. 

For the past two weeks, long queues consisting of private and commercial drivers were pilled up in different gas stations to get either petrol or diesel for their vehicles. This is the second sit-down strike that is happening in the country this year, as there was a similar protest earlier in March. 

Meanwhile, two opposition leaders, Madam Femi Claudius Cole (Leader of Unity Paty) and Dr. Dennis Bright (Chairman of NGC) were detained yesterday, July 3, 2022, by the Sierra Leone Police. Both leaders were arrested on allegations of incitement, as Madam Cole said that she had been approached by some market women who complained about the present economic climate saying they wanted to process and express their concerns to the authorities.

However, the police on Saturday, July 2, 2022, issued a statement, saying that whoever attempts to hold a demonstration shall be deemed to have contravened the Public Order Acts, and he or she will face the full force of the law. Stay tuned for more information.