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AYV announces King Tommy as Brand Ambassador for Housemate Salone

Africa Young Voices (AYV) has signed popular Sierra Leonean Tik Tok fashion star Tommy Bangura, also known as King Tommy as the celebrity brand ambassador for Housemate Salone. 

This comes after fans of Tommy appealed to AYV for him to be appointed as Brand Ambassador citing his creativity and commitment to the show. He was disqualified from the Housemate Salone Season 3 reality TV show due to non-compliance with the show’s medical rules. 

He was one of the top 60 qualifiers for this year’s Housemate Salone but unfortunately missed the deadline to undertake his medical examination before the commencement of the show. 

Ambassador Antony Navo Jr. the Chief Executive Officer of AYV, congratulates him and states that he has shown a powerful voice that can make a difference in the lives of people through entertainment. 

“King Tommy has demonstrated great interest in the Housemate Salone Show. He is a true champion and ambassador for our people. He continues to invest his time, intellect, talent, and resources so it is only right that AYV supports his efforts,” said Ambassador Navo. 

King Tommy, is currently based in New York. He is a prominent fashion icon and social media influencer. He gained the spotlight earlier this year, after releasing videos on his Tik Tok handles with funny slang and different fashion moves.