February 5, 2023


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

Sierra Leone Djs Union imposed a playing ban on all songs of Kao Denero after he describes them as being politically motivated by APC 

The Sierra Leone Disc Jockey’s Union (SLeDU) has a press release issued on Monday, November 1, 2021, imposed a playing ban on all songs of Kao Denero with immediate effect until further notice. 

This comes after Kao Denero, Sierra Leone’s Ambassador of Entertainment in a radio interview levied an allegation on the membership of SLeDU that it is political and that the union’s activities are politically motivated by the opposition All Peoples Congress.

SLeDU earlier on gave Kao Denero an ultimatum to respond to his allegations and show evidence of the things he claimed that the union is politically motivated, as it was described by the union as unprofessional behaviour.

However, SLeDU further states that in less than a year of Kao Denero’s appointment he has caused more division in the entertainment industry, than unifying it which is one of the major reasons for his appointment.

According to the union, the public will be further informed about further actions as they are pursuing all available means in seeking clarity on the unfortunate statement made by Kao, as they say, it’s not demeaning but also has the potential to put Djs at risk while they are executing their duties.