December 5, 2022


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

“Snakes come out of the grass once the sun shines” – Kao Denero reacts to public criticisms he faced from fellow entertainers 

The Ambassador of Entertainment in Sierra Leone, Kao Denero, has reacted to public criticisms he usually faces from fellow entertainers who most of the time accuse him of dividing the country’s entertainment industry.

In a Facebook post made by Kao Denero, he states that once given a national task you have to work with from different areas, whether you have the same opinion or not. 

“Once given a national task, when creating a team one has to be inclusive by reaching out to even your enemies and considered foes until they prove to be otherwise. Snakes come out of the grass once the sun shines.” He stated. 

This comes after Ibrahim Prezo Koroma, the former Secretary of his entertainment board resigned and accused him of dividing the country’s entertainment industry. Following that, another entertainer, Emmanuel Artical Foyoh posted on Facebook and blamed his colleague’s entertainers for watching Kao Denero dividing the entertainment industry without taking any action. 

He further stated that since Kao Denero was appointed as the Ambassador of Entertainment he has not brought anything developmental into the industry.

Kao Denero further states in his post that while working with people, trust is key, it plays a great role and once that bond is broken it’s time to move on.  Later on, he sends out his appreciation to all those who see his appointment as a national call up. 

“Shoutout to all the DJs, artists, producers, comedians and movie folks who loot at my appointment as a national call. Am gonna keep advocating the government of Sierra Leone on behalf of the entertainment industry while creating timeless hip-hop and empowering the young talented ones,” said Kao.