February 5, 2023


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

Sierra Leone COVID-19 cases reach 721 with 0 new recoveries and 1 death recorded

Sierra Leone has recorded 100 new confirmed cases of the COVID-19 pandemic, bringing the total number of cumulative confirmed cases to 721 and that was according to the Ministry of Information and Communication daily status updates on the virus. 

The new cases recorded today are the highest number of recorded cases per day and the majority of the cases are from the repatriated Sierra Leoneans from Kuwait, with over 67 confirmed cases. The remaining cases are from the Western area urban – 19 cases, Western area rural – 5 cases, Tonkolili district – 1 case, Bo district – 6 cases,  Kono district – 1 case, and Kambia district register its index case today. 

Freetown (Western area urban and rural) is the epicenter of the virus with the highest number of registered confirmed cases. Meanwhile, 0 recoveries and 1 new death were recorded, so far the total number of deaths is 40 and the total number of recoveries is 241. 

One month back, the status update on the virus was 82, with 2 deaths and 10 recoveries as of the 24 April 2020. Also by then, the global total of registered confirmed cases is over 2.7 million and now the world’s total is over 5.3 million confirmed cases. 

The number of people in quarantine has decreased by 204 and the current number is 1939. A total of 3458 people have been discharged from quarantine.