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#BloggingSalone: Sierra Leone’s free digital skills masterclass is back to teach you how to blog!


You have a little over 24 hours to register to learn how to blog for free at the #BloggingSalone Masterclass at the New Brookfields Hotel on Saturday 18th, May 2019.

The training is offered by Vickie Remoe, Managing Director,  VR&C Marketing Company.

Blogging Salone is a beginner’s class designed for anyone who wants to add blogging to their skill set.

#BloggingSalone is 1 of 4 free digital skills, marketing, and business development courses developed by Vickie Remoe. Remoe is Sierra Leone’s leading expert in marketing and digital communications.

In February this year, she announced that she would train 1000 Sierra Leoneans. So far 200 people have been trained at 4 training sessions.  

Remoe says that in order for Sierra Leone’s youth to be competitive they need to learn skills for tomorrow.

“Im training 1000 youth and women in marketing, digital stortytelling, and photography in 2019,” said Remoe.

“Every #masterclass I teach is free because if #SierraLeone is to thrive we have to give our citizens skills and tools to grow their businesses or increase their employability.”

The attendees will learn how to find and produce content for their blog, embedding photos and videos, using links and more importantly, how to connect local businesses, brands and stories to the world. At the end of the class, every participant will publish their first blog post.

This first masterclass was done early this year, wherein about 43 participants were trained on how to build a blog, creating content, embedding photos and videos.

A special thank you goes out to the managements of Africanus Hotel, Sierra Palms Hotel, and the New Brookfields Hotel for sponsoring the training sessions.

To attend #BloggingSalone fill out the form below:

Vickie Remoe, Managing Director, VR&C Marketing Company
Photos from the First Blogging Class in February

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