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This hospital in Sierra Leone is giving free care to mothers, children for the next 7 days





Lifecare Hospital situated at 198 Wilkinson Road is providing free medical checkup and treatment for pregnant women and children.

The free checkup started today the 28 of March 2019until the 4th April 2019.
“This is a goodwill gesture that the hospital, (Lifecare) is doing to help the people of Sierra Leone, ” Mr. Hamad Assad disclosed to SwitAalone.
“Pregnant women and children in Sierra Leone have difficulty in accessing health care As a hospital we are not only in Sierra Leone do business, we are here to support the government in helping it people, so we giving back to the Sierra Leonean people by providing free diagnosis and treatment for pregnant women and children. This free checkup and treatment are available from 28 March 2019 to the 4th April 2019 and we are planning to do more.”

One of the beneficiaries of the patients, Mariama Sesay explained that she is five months pregnant and was only able to do a prenatal visit today because she heard she could get checked for free.

Another patient Kumba Mansaray stated that her four-year-old girl child has been sick for the past two weeks, but was not able to take her to hospital because of the financial difficulties she is currently facing, but now she is at the hospital to do all the necessary check-up for free as this will help her ascertain what is really wrong with her child.

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