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FIFA may ban Sierra Leone thanks to the enemies of progress at SLFA and NSC

Isha Johansen

Last week Sierra Leone’s National Sports Council and the SLFA executives were at it again, countering one action with another. In response to the palaver FIFA has announced that if the Sports Council does not butt out of SLFA business that the country will be banned from football. 

The NSC said it dissolved the SLFA executive committee, after the SLFA dissolved the NSC appointed seven-man committee to plan the next FA congress.

These two camps of football officials have had this palaver for over 2 years. The President has called both camps for discussions more than once to fix their disagreements. When they are in front of the President they agree to sort it out. They leave and then they go do whatever they want.

We are sick and tired of their selfishness as it continues to rob the players and fans of Sierra Leone football from growth, prosperity, and just plane ‘ole peace of mind.

Na dis kin make we pipul dem say, if some man noh die we noh go betteh. Can you say enemies of progress!