December 5, 2022


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

Diaspora Eats: Sierra Leone Grammar School Alumini Association in the UK (Photos)

In the Diaspora one way of keeping in touch with friends, colleagues and associates is through alumni meetings. I just went to the first of such meetings. It turned out, more rewarding than I expected. Not only did I register straight away, I think, I will now get friends and relatives to join their various alumni associations. The meeting chaired by Rev Cyril Showers, was well structured and the contributions from old boys were very inspiring. I got to meet legends, students  from the Sierra Leone Grammar School who we had heard about in stories and urban myths. I am sure all schools have those.

We got explanations of why some traditions were upheld within the school and the students, and passed down year on year. After being shown a fantastic video of the multi million expansion of the school, to great applause, I found out the project was made possible mainly with support of the Old Boys Associations in Britain and in America. A bit of shame crept over me, for not having contributed anything towards such an epic undertaking. Knowing the  education some of my family, friends, and I received from that establishment; we should support any venture the school undertakes.

As if the guilt trip wasn’t enough, there was a buffet of  light finger foods, mini mince meat pies, pehpeh chicken, jerk chicken, roast beef, BBQ wings, rice akara, spring rolls, breaded cutlet,s and some orlehleh.  The bar had hard and soft drinks and homemade ginger beer. You couldn’t have wanted for anything. As the jokes kept coming, so too did the food and drinks.

So, if it is good company, good food, a nostalgic atmosphere and loads of laughs, I recommend these social meetings. I will go one step further to say there ought to be a competition on whose school has the best social meeting.  So, if you want your school to win, join the alumni association. It’s not just for the older generations, we the “not so young ones” must be involved in the affairs of our Alma Mater too. One of the easy ways to find out about what goes on in your alma mater is join their Facebook account.