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6 Most Influential Sierra Leoneans on facebook


According to socialbakers a website that collects and analyzes Facebook demographic data across the world Sierra Leone has an estimated 62,000 Facebook users. Of these 70% are between the ages of 18-34 and 3/4 are male. Because internet penetration is still quite low in Sierra Leone, Facebook penetration is even less. Just over 1% of Sierra Leoneans have access to Facebook. But you can safely say that almost every Sierra Leonean who has internet access also has a Facebook account.

Because the number of Facebook users is going to continue to grow Swit Salone has put together a list of the most influential apolitical non-partisan Sierra Leoneans on Facebook. To make this list we looked at the Facebook activity of  Sierra Leoneans who make a lot of Sierra Leone noise on their Facebook page. We followed their status updates, links, and the likelihood of people commenting, re-sharing, or liking a post they make about Sierra Leone. While most of those here have a large following on Facebook we selected them for the quality, validity, and their commitment to sharing Sierra Leone on their timeline. These 6 individuals are the most influential Sierra Leoneans on Facebook because they love Sierra Leone and they are not afraid to share it! In no order but starting with the ladies…

Ise Wurie Stevensis based in the UK and is known for her lavish Enjoy Sierra Leone parties, and events. But Ise is also our go to girl for any news affecting Sierra Leoneans in the UK, and breaking news about Sierra Leone in the UK press, photos of Salone-UK events, general news, and she is most likely to remind us about a song, saying, or nostalgic back in the day Sierra Leone moment on her Facebook timeline.

Edleen Elba  is based in Freetown and although she doesn’t have a mass FB following because unlike the rest of us she doesn’t accept requests from strangers, Edleen is our go to girl for everything from traffic, Freetown ridiculist, blackouts, rains, and general conditions of life in Sierra Leone. We follow her for news about whats happening in Sierra Leone, general Sierra Leone related news links (especially positive developments), women’s health news (especially breast cancer awareness) and most importantly she is most likely to snap a picture of a news headline and story from the local tabloids and upload it to Facebook

Bimbola Carrol – For years Bimbola has been the number 1 man for good news and development about Sierra Leone on the web and he continues to do the same on Facebook. Bimbola lives in Freetown is our man to follow for general internet connectivity news, live and living in Sierra Leone, Photos of sunsets, roads, and beaches, travel and tourism, and all around good news. We also thoroughly appreciate his rants on which phone network or internet provider is just plain kaka.

Alusaine Yansaneh – Alusaine aka The People’s Ambassador lives in Maryland and he is the guy most likely to repost a flyer or to be tagged in a promo flyer because he is the go to man for all things Music and Events in the DMV. Alusaine is our go to for all things party related in East Coast. He also often uses his Facebook page to promote social and community causes affecting Sierra Leoneans at home in the diaspora. If it’s a concert, a party, or an event and it’s happening in the community Alusaine’s page will tell you about it.

Kei Kamara – Mr 2K3 lives in Kansas City where he plays professional football but Kei is very much a Facebook devotee. He uses his page to not just show us life as a pro baller but he also promotes Sierra Leone related causes and supports the Salone community in the diaspora whenever he can. Kei is our go to man for photos from candid shots of Team Leone Stars, and non-profit causes about Sierra Leone to support.

Spi Derman – who goes by an alias of what we assume is his favorite super hero is our go to for all things local in Salone. If you wanna know what a proper salone man is thinking, lines to pick up chicks, krio slangs, the weather, and tings, and general humor from the heart of Freetown this is who to follow. Spi Derman not only shares breaking news links about Sierra Leone  he comments on them as well. He is also one to follow on hot music from Salone and we love that he regularly writes in krio.

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