‘Returnee’ Mantie Cole opens Sierra Leone’s first KidZone


Everytime the traffic gets too bothersome, or the dust gets to thick, i think of the hundreds of other Sierra Leoneans who have come back home and are contributing to post conflict mama Salone, and the thought that there are others who have returned helps me get on with it. Together, I believe that the efforts of those have returned will be the blocks on which the future of Sierra Leone will be built.

If you met Mantie Cole in 2005 and asked her if she would move back to Sierra Leone, she would have probably said HELL NO!!!

But today she has built the first ever kids paradise in Freetown. Kidzone is Mantie’s dream to reclaim the childhood of her past for today’s salone pekin, it is an edutainment center for children of all ages to play, learn, and to share in a fun, safe environment.

A chance family funeral brought her home to Sierra Leone a couple years ago after 25years in the Diaspora and she regained her love for a country that she perhaps had once given up on. Today she has happily relocated to Sierra Leone with her husband and daughter, holding down a full time job and running Kidzone.

Mantie Cole’s Kidzone…a ‘returnee’ owned and operated business but most importantly, Sierra Leonean and Proud.

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    I had a very unfortunate experience here. The price was changed for my infant twins (from Le700k to Le900k). In all the previous meetings stating the age and development of my children, that increased price was not written or stated anywhere. What’s more, is that the price was not being increased for everyone, just my 10 month olds, while this website clearly states that the academy is for infants to pre-school. My husband and I are most disappointed. For those of you who know of my writing, I will continue my comments on the Expat blogs.