Forgotten Diamonds: A Documentary Film on Literacy and Education in Sierra Leone




Trailer for the Documentary — Forgotten Diamonds by Melonie Kastman ( A filmanthropy on the literacy and education landscape in Sierra Leone

“Where were you in your educational journey the day the rebels came to your village?” is the question filmmaker Melonie Kastman poses to the citizens of Sierra Leone. The intent of the film is to educate and evoke a response to the challenges that Sierra Leoneans face every day in their work to rebuild after the utter destruction that took place during a brutal 11 year civil war.

This war effectively decimated the country and destroyed its infrastructure, leaving its people without hospitals, potable water, roads, banks, schools or mail service, but not without hope and a resilient zest for life. FORGOTTEN DIAMONDS communicates through personal stories not only the destruction of a senseless war but the struggles and triumphs they encounter in moving forward to rebuild their lives, and those they meet along the way.
Directed by Melonie Kastman for M3FILMS
 Melonie Kastman’s Forgotten Diamonds will be out in 2011.