Sierra Theatre Productions presents "True Friendship" a Sierra Leonean play at the Kennedy Center

True Friendship a Play written and Directed by David Vandy
True Friendship Directed by David Vandy

Coming to the Millenium Stage at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts a play by a Sierra Leonean Theater group. The play “True Friendship” is about Sidique, who is sentenced to die in two days. Only the son of the man he tried to harm—his best friend Abu—can save Sidique…by giving up his own life in the place of Sidique’s.

Sierra Theatre Productions will become the 1st Sierra Leone Theatre Company to perform at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in Washington DC. Tuesday, August 10TH, 2010.The Play TRUE FRIENDSHIP written & Directed by David Vandy stars @ 6:00pm. Come and support the Green White & Blue as we represent Sierra Leone Theatre in the USA. For Unity, Freedom & Justice the entrance is FREE!!!

Support Sierra Leonean artists and watch True Friendship at Kennedy Center on August 10th 2010

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  • haja adama conteh

    it is a great movie and keep the good work true friendship

  • haja adama conteh

    why are you guys so rude well at last they did well and what about you lo-lay what have you ever won in your life they are better because the public have seen them.