The 2010 SwitList: The Internet & Mobile Phone Companies in Sierra Leone



Please don’t come to SaLone looking for T1 and DSL speeds on internet. If you want the internet look for reliability cause any company stressing speed is just FLAT as LYING. But don’t worry I hear the contract to bring fiber to Salone has been signed…ETA?? Ah noh know.
SIERRATEL: New on the GPRS internet and mobile phone company game is non other than once defunct Sierratel. I’ve been using it for a while now but I must admit the speeds a sometime painful.
ZAIN: Zain formerly celtel also offers mobile internet services…it’s a bit faster and certainly more reliable but at about $80 a month. It’s a bit on the pricy side.

ZAIN BLACKBERRY: A couple weeks ago Zain launched its Blackberry service those of you who need to stay connected. It runs about $70 a month I hear.
COMIUM: Comium also offers internet but its weird.


Africell: a Lebanese owned company operating in Gambia & Sierra Leone recently took over the assets and liabilities of TIGO formerly Millicom. By the end of this year TIGO customers will need to transfer to one of the existing companies. Most reasonable in network rates. I have an africell phone now (Users are typically blue collar workers and students) (077 or 088)
Comium: a Lebanese owned mobile company. Many people I know have comium. I used to have comium but I gave my comium number u a couple years ago. I fed up with the dropped calls and unreceived text messages that arrived a couple days later. (Users are the people in the middle (033))

Zain (operations in 22 countries): I also have a zain phone and when they launched their one network service I was super excited cause I thought it meant I would no longer need my local Ghana sim but on two occasions I have had problems using the service. It works but not completely. Recently I’ve also had problems sending text messages on zain. USers are usually high income earners/ people in the provinces
 (076 or 078)
Most people tend to carry both Zain & Comium phones although i use Africell & Zain.

Sierratel: Government owned Sierratel is also up on running again offering mobile services. While you can call africell to Sierratel you cant call Zain to Sierratel cause they have not yet settled the agreement. I have never used Sierratel but I can guaranty that it does work. (025)

A new mobile company GREEN from Libya and another whose name I do not know are both set to launch in the next 6-12 months


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