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Splash Mobile Money: Sierra Leone’s 1st Mobile Payment System "Dont Flash Me, Splash Me"


This Week in Freetown some very smart people launched the first mobile payment system in Sierra Leone—SPLASH MOBILE MONEY. These very smart people forgot to invite yours truly to the event at Balmaya but i’m not bitter…hint, hint…they’ll learn the error of their ways and repent. Anyway back to the goodies

What is Splash?

Well you get either your Africell or Zain phone and u go to a splash agent and set up a splash account by filling out a registration form ( i guess if you are illiterate the agent will fill out the form for you) Once thats done Splash sends you a pin and password to your phone. Then you can top up and put money on your splash account by paying cash to an agent. The amount is then stored on your phone and when ever you want to u can use your pin (which u should never store on your phone just in case your phone gets jacked) and send money to any Africell or Zain customer whether they have a splash account or not.

Then the recipient of the splash money can proceed to a splash agent to collect their funds. To find out more on this process you can download their very user friendly guide…i like the use of people of color on the guide…THATS HOT!!! Also very hot is the fact that you do not need a bank account to use the system. I dont have a splash account yet but i’ll get it activated this week and let you guys know how it goes.

I think that Splash could possibly be a great addition to small business operations in town. For example, someone needing to order food from a restaurant can splash them the money before they ever bring the food. Or u could pay your kids school fees without even going there or having to deal with di pekin tellin u say im don lost d school fee money 🙂

Its free to register a Splash Account but u gotta pay to send money. Check out the tarriffs here

Who is behind SPLASH??
Our very own econometric and scorpio brother Jiwoh Abdulai. Shaka Forna (brother to Aminata Forna of Devil that Danced on Water Fame). A british dude who i’ve met before but cant remember his name and also i hear MANOCAP doled out some VC funds to Splash.

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