The Vickie Remoe Show Brought to u by How4Do Productions: Sierra Leone’s TV Talk Show if u get light, omni directional antenna & u able catch SLBS


Over a year ago my relationship with Aschobi Designs came to an abrupt end. Initially when i parted ways with Aschobi it broke my heart, and the thought of letting go of what i then saw as our child caused me many a sleepless night. A year later and months of reflections and i can honestly say “tell papa God tenki, Na tin kin make tin be” because if not for that divorce I may never have arrived at the divine conception of the aptly named, almost there, soon to conquer DSTV’s MNET circa end of 2010, inshalla, by God im power, Amen. The Vickie Remoe Show

Many times I’d been told “you have a tv personality” and my response stood somewhere between a thank u and confirmation that people thought that i was crazy. I mean me mama kin tell me say ah no well but now with my very own TV talk Show I have become certifiable.

And God said Let there be the Vickie Remoe Show

Last year I came up with the very brilliant though not original idea of hosting my own television talk show. An attempt to have blog ideas and conversations for the palette of a local primarily Freetown based television audience. I didnt think about the ingredients that went into making a television show, Nor did i have any previous TV production experience. I put pen to paper and after several weeks i birthed the Vickie Remoe Show. Using my powers of charm and persuasion i inducted two friends to join my soon to be formed production company, one of whom was working for a local tv station, another that was to be our logistics and IT man.

To add maggie to the Vickie Remoe Show sauce i got an email from ‘ol boy documentary film maker Peter Moi Conteh of “Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes” fame that he would soon be coming home to SL on family matters. I briefly mentioned that i had an idea I wanted to share with him. I had no clue that he would come and that he not only think it a good idea but also be interested in working on the project. I would never tell him this but if Peter with all his technical savior faire and experience working for the BBC in Development had not given the Vickie Remoe Show his stamp of approval it never would have good beyond being one many babies i birth each year. So whatever happens hence forth BLAME PM Conteh.

Shooting the Opening Credits (watch it here)
After countless conversations we sourced some video equipment from premier media, confiscated the official AccessPoint Okada and story boarded what peter and I imagined would be the ideal way to open the show. Vickie Remoe taking a journey via different modes of transport, each one better than the next until we arrive at the ultimate destination of Sweet Salone.

Shooting the Pilot for the Vickie Remoe Show

Over a period of a couple weeks we planned a pilot for the Vickie Remoe Show. The location was to be the then Kalmah Restaurant at Old School (now the Lounge). Initially Emerson was to be our inaugural guest but like most people in SL a “yes” today does not mean a “yes” tomorrow. Refusing to be stalled by an Emerson no show we came up with a plan B. Vickie Remoe Interviews two young people making things happen in SL. Guest 1: Anthony Navo jr. (a young guy who had run for parliamentary seat under the SLPP banner, successful business man, and locally proclaimed youth Ambassador)
Guest2: Yeniva Sisay ( a close friend who had left the comforts of california for Swit Salone, operating her very local educational institute- EXCEL).
We had a small audience of friends and family who came to support our first attempt of shooting our local tv show. My granny and my dad were both there front and center showing me love.With my signature braids intact and the top half of a black on black power suit two hours flew by and before we knew it, We had shot our first show

Finding Funds for the Vickie Remoe Show

After we shot and edited the pilot we took it around to some local businesses looking for sponsors. We got some but certainly not enough to cover the cost of production and broadcasting. With limited funds and support from WORLD’S BEST MOM & MOTHER TO VICKIE REMOE…we forged ahead and recorded 8 one hour episodes of the Vickie Remoe Show, broadcasted on SLBS TV every Friday @ 7:15pm. The buzz built slowly and slowly and soon i would go to the gas station and someone would say “hey Vickie Remoe Show”…my phone rang off the hook and we received many text messages of aspiring entertainers trying to get on the show. I even got a text message from a guy who said he was a blind musical producer…Peter had to hold his hand as he walked into our office.

The 8 shot topics were: Blind Date & Relationships, Fatherhood, Violence & Anti Social Behaviors in Schools, Sierra Leone Music Industry, BO & Makeni, Public Health & Safety, Made in Sierra Leone Products, and an Independence Extravaganza Celebration.

Some of our guests included:
Succulent (musician), Nino Browne (musician), Wilshire Johnson (SL Pharmacy Board), Ag. Chief Kamanda Bongay (SL Fire Brigade), Yeniva Sisay (EXCEL, Dr. Bahsoon (MD, Bennimix Food Company), MR. B (Dj, Owner Free Radio 95.7) Hannah Foullah (Shepor Designs) Dr Wusu Sanoh (Mayor, BO) Mr. Moses Sesay (Mayor, Makeni, Abu Kommeh (President Studion Union, Fourah Bay College) Mr. Aldolphus During (Inventor & Researcher) and more

Other Miscl things we covered on the show: the launch of sierratel, Poetry Reading by Mrs Daphne Pratt from the book Poems dem way Daphne Pratt rayt, Cultural Launch of the Attitudinal & Behavioural Change Campaign, Wusum Hotel, Wusum Hill,Bo School, Gara tie-Die in Makeni, Gari Seller at Lorry Park in BO, Fashion Show @ country Lodge, State House, and more

Coolest thing that happened during the show? Certainly a tie between climbing Wusum Hill in Makeni. Also very very cool is that I think I am probably the first and only woman to have rung the condoh bell at Bo School while school was in session.
Go Paris (formerly Berlin), Manchester, London, Liverpool

Welcome to Season 2: The Vickie Remoe Show

Coming this October to SLBS TV is season deux of the Vickie Remoe Show. Season 2 will be bigger, better, and badder no doubt and we look forward to taking you where no TV show has ever gone before.

contact me for any tips, show ideas, questions, or production contributions…
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Vickie Remoe..Over and Out

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