JC from Makeni turned Night crawler


I have been meaning to tell you about a funny incident that happened at my house a couple months ago.

I am lying in bed half asleep because of the black out and the mosquitoes buzzing in my ear. I mean if they’re going to bite u they should just go ahead with it, instead of makin so much noise about it….its almost like they’re taunting u…”I’m gonna get u, I’m gonna get u”.

Anyway, I’m in bed its dark when I hear the door to my room open and I see a head peek in looking at me in bed. He can’t see that my eyes are open. I can already make out the frame of the individual and I can tell its my cousin AKK (JC from Makeni, age 15, the newest addition to my grandmother’s endless effort to accommodate 20plus people in her home) He opens the door quietly making sure it doesn’t creak and he gets on all fours to crawl from the door. In my head I’m thinking WHAT THA F*** IS HE DOING IN MY ROOM but I remain silent. He crawls to the chair where my bag is resting peacefully on the sofa…he opens the bag removes something and gets back on all fours. He’s crawling behind the footboard of my bed so he disappears for a couple seconds. I am getting ready to scream his name when all of a sudden, NPA answers my prayers for electricity and the power comes on.

The lights in my room are off but the toilet light is on and the door is half opened sending a triangle of gold into the room. I lay still in the bed anticipating AKK’s next move. He sticks his head out from behind the footboard to check if I’m awake and we make eye contact.

Calmly I ask “AKK wetin u day do na me room dis hour?” AKK jumps up on his feet
“ sista vickie sista Vickie na bad dream, me belleh day at” “na bad dream na im sen u inside me bag?” “sista Vickie ah no go day na bad dream na im ah say make ah cam tell u” “AKK IF U NO COMOT NA ME ROOM RAYT NOW AH GO PACK U SLAP” “Ay sista Vickie na bad dream” he leaves the room and I sit on my bed thinking the nerve of that boy. Then I remember that the night before I had a weird feeling that someone was in my room…F***ing thief!!!!

I wake up in the morning and I go to my grandma’s room to lay complain. “Mummy yesterday net ah catch AKK na me room day tif money na mi bag, way ah ask am im tell me say im get bad dream” “Hmmm Vickie ah believe” “ AKK cam to me na net im say im get bad dream, way im go tell u, u alla pan am say na tif im go tif”

Can you believe the little thief actually created an alibi for himself? Later on in the day I find out that he had more than one alibi. After the incident in my room not only did he go tell my grandmother that I accused him of stealing but he also woke up one of my aunt’s in the house to say he had a stomach ache. When she offered him medication he said “ no aunty bakie get merecine na im room way im kin gi me so ah day go ask sista Vickie”

A couple minutes later my aunt explained that he went to her room saying that he had just come to ask me for merecine en mi call am tif man

The following day when I confronted him in front of everyone in the house he denied flat to my face that he did not steal from my bag. I kicked him out of the big house into the back house. Later on the next evening he walks into my room “ sista Vickie ah beg, ah no no wetin cam inside me….ah beg….forgive me…” with condo tears runnin down his face

Since this incident happened back in January AKK has been caught crawling in my grandmother’s room, he’s stolen her cell phone, and money from her. I have asked my grandmother several times to send him back to Makeni…her response “there is no place for him there”. Being an eternal optimist, kind, and caring she doesn’t have the heart to send him back…as for me, I’m plotting his deportation back upline. I’ve put word out that anyone with a car in the family heading to Makeni will get a full tank of gas from me if they take AKK back from whence he came.


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