New Novel by Aminata Forna "Ancestor Stones"


I just heard that our very own Aminata Forna “The devil that danced on water” which i finally got to read and truly did enjoy this past summer has a new book out “Ancestor Stone”. I havent read this one yet but i am sure that it will be just whole and full as her last book. I am going to Barnes & Nobles today to get a copy…i will let you know how it goes. However, you should go pick up your copy ASAP to support a fellow Salone sister doing her part in shedding light on our culture by way of her own experiences and literary genius.

Here is a Synopsis from…where you could also get your copy 🙂

Synopsis: When Abie’s family leave her a coffee plantation, she returns to Africa to find herself in a place suspended between past and present; between the real world and the unworldly. Standing among the ruined groves she strains to hear the sound of the past, but ‘the layers of years in between us were too many’. So begins her gathering of the past through the stories of her four aunts – Asana, Mary, Hawa and Serah. Each woman recounts her life from a mass of muddied memories and vivid recollections of the father they feared, the men they loved, the mothers who left them, and above all, the secrets they shared. What also emerges is the story of an Africa drawn to the temptations of the West but desperate to cling to its own ways. Immersed in silenced truths, whispered lies, and magical tales, these strong women attempt to alter the quiet course of their destinies and claim their own identities. Stretching across sensibilities and generations, “Ancestor Stones” is a stunning novel of a nation, a family and the individual women whose stories explore different ways of seeing: how the past is understood through the filter of hindsight, how women come to see themselves through the eyes of others, and how stories ancient and new shape the world that we see.

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